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Health Plans (including MSO, IPA and TPA) – We have low cost interoperable solutions that allow your provider network to be more efficient and deliver better outcomes for your members. At the same time, we have systems that gather more data facilitating increased reimbursement for all P4P incentive programs including Medicare Risk Adjustment.

We also have systems that assist you in the analysis of data and development of care plans for groups or individuals. These systems generate patient registry care plans that incorporate the patient, their physicians as well as other care givers across the care continuum of any patient.

These systems also have a complete telemedicine network including a teleconferencing component to help providers collaborate the care with remote clinicians for those patients in underserved rural and even some urban locations as well in the home.



We can assist any organization to implement a wellness program and other cost saving efficiencies to help better manage the health and wellness of their employees.

TWG’s services include giving employees a variety of health risk assessments and an online Personal Health Records (PHR) that can be tied to wellness coaches or disease management programs. The PHR can be linked to the employee’s physician for real time interaction, to schedule appointments, request prescription refills and/or ask questions.


Doctors/Care Givers

Practice Management Scheduling and Billing Systems – we can show you a FREE web based Practice Management System that has modules which include PHR (Personal Health Records), an EMR (Electronic Medical Records) system and a Care Management (CM) system to assist in coordinating care for all care givers.

We coordinate outsourcing for revenue cycle management including office management personal to handle or help with all administrative functions including coding, billing, collections, contracting, and human resources.

In addition, we have a complete Telemedicine Video Conferencing System for consultation with your peers, specialists and other consultants and remote facilities

We want to show you how to make your practice more efficient and profitable.



PHR – Personal Health Record system – there are many different PHR’s that allow you to store all your medical information and enable you to interact with your physician or any other care giver, pharmacy, laboratories, etc., electronically. We can populate these PHR’s for you so they are more functional and easy to use from the first day.

Our PHR’s can be used by persons of any age and used for wellness management or for chronic condition/disease management. You can start a newborn from OBYN to Pediatrician to Family Physicians allowing use for School, Sports and other extra circular events as well as medical emergencies.

Wireless Remote Monitoring systems are available to assist in the management of chronic conditions like Diabetes, Hypertension, COPD and Asthma that allow the patient/consumer to have their data uploaded in real time to their physician’s EMR, to their own PHR which can be made accessible to family members and/or designated care givers.

Case Management

Case Management

We have a web based Care Management Patient Registry System that is integrated with the physicians’ EMR and the patients’ PHR that can help coordinate care with all providers including physicians, home health agencies, case managers and family members.

The Care Management System can be used by managed care organizations to help coordinate better care by gathering more data to improve P4P programs.

The Care Management System can also be used by individual physicians to help with the “Medical Home Model” of care for chronically ill patients.




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