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Case Studies

Complete Digital Health Care System for Small Health Plans:

TWG is involved with a number of Health Plans to set up new web based digital systems that start with merging all of their members data in a central database including demographics, claims, lab and pharmacy data. We then build individual Personal Health Records (PHR) for each member and give the member web access as well as an interactive patient ID Card. We then build out a complete Electronic Medical Record (EMR) System for each physician in the network with the individual members information already in the EMR's. This allows the physicians and patients to start sharing the same data and information in real time including scheduled visits and coordinating care. There is also a web based case management system integrated with the PHR and EMR that allows the health plan to manage their more costly members based upon a predictive modeling analysis of all the patient information in the central data base. This then allows for not only the case mangers and primary care physicians to coordinate care but being web based allows for all care givers in the care continuum of any patient to share real time data and information all delivering improved clinical outcomes at significantly lower costs.

Hospital Discharge Planning and Coordination:

Acute and Emergency Room Discharges, moves to other facilities and/or to the home. With the escalating number of costly hospital and ER visits The Wheeler Group is building solutions to provide and coordinate care whether a patient is admitted or discharged to another facility or to their home. These services result in lower hospital days and readmissions by coordinating their care until healed or in the event of chronic conditions, following the patient indefinitely through wireless home monitoring directly connected to their primary care providers and case manager.

Chronic Condition Disease Management Programs:

We are implementing and coordinating a number of Chronic Condition Management Programs including CHF, Diabetes, Hypertension, Asthma, COPD, High Risk Pregnancy as well a number of wellness programs. These all revolve around new revolutionary low cost integrated wireless communication systems connecting everyone starting with the patient to not only their primary care physician but to all care givers involved in their care including case managers at health plans or medical facilities, their primary care physician, any ancillary specialists and home care agencies. Some of these projects also include real time video conferencing between patients and multiple providers for immediate diagnosis and treatment in remote clinics, facilities and at home.

Physicians Office of the Future:

We have a number of Physicians offices utilizing the latest state of the art work flow systems including Full EHR Systems which include web based EMR (Electronic Medical Records) Systems integrated with web based PHR (Personal Health Records) Systems along with Web Based Collaborative Care Management system with electronic referral systems to ancillary providers including Hospitals, Labs, Home Care Agencies, and DME Suppliers.

When combined with patient kiosk registration,  IVR (Interactive Voice Response) telephone systems and electronic HIPAA compliant clinical messaging these practices operate as close to paperless as possible with less staff being much more efficient.



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